The Ant and the Grasshopper…!

ARe you preparing for your winter?
Each day is in preparation for your next so... how are you preparing?

There was an ant who was friends with a grasshopper. It was summer time and the grasshopper played while his friend, the ant, was busy everyday gathering food.

“Stop being so boring and come and play ant! Why do you need to hoard all that food for anyway….?” the grasshopper kept asking his friend.

“Yes there might be plenty now,” ant answered, “but for how long? Winter is coming…!”

The grasshopper just laughed at his friend’s words, “Don’t be ridiculous, winter is months away! There will always be food and anyway it is better having fun!”

But, winter did come and sooner than the grasshopper thought – one day when he awoke the only thing he could see was snow…!

Soon the grasshopper became cold and hunger and went looking for the ant but he was no-where to be found.  He searched for food and warmth until exhaustion set in and had to huddle under a bare tree, shivering and hungry. The grasshopper had not prepared in the good times and as a result was left in the cold and… starved.

The grasshopper had not understood that living wisely today prepares you for your tomorrow!

But the ant paid a price too…

he had worked hard and was now enjoying the rewards by being tucked up in his home, with a full larder and ready to enjoy the winter.


Seasons come and go… are you prepared for your Winter as the Ant was…?

None of us get a second chance in life as each day, once lived, cannot ever be re-lived again. So do not just accept your life, instead, choose to make a conscious choice to take your day by the hands and lead your life!

Each day is in preparation for your next so… how are you preparing?

Does negativity lead your thoughts, words and actions towards a road of unhappiness and uncertainty or does a positive attitude lead your thoughts, words and actions to a road of happiness and certainty?

Choose to make a choice to take a change to ‘step out’ and lead your life in the way that is deserving of you, as you are worth all the hard work!


Your CHOICE to grab life by both hands and take that second chance at living the best life ever!

My new inspirational book ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ will help you with your CHOICES as the inspirational words… the connecting workbook (with it’s two amazing themesThe Hexagon of Life and the Parable of the Butterfly) plus, the Reader’s Group Questions are all written for you to choose to make a choice to ‘step out

  • Refer to chapter 6, ‘Challenging your thought patterns’ and chapter 16 of the workbook and
  • Refer to chapter 10, ‘Choices, chances and changes’ and chapter 20 of the workbook






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  • This is a great reminder. Most of the time we procrastinate, we always think there is always time till we find out we have run out of time.

    • Hi Mary thank you for your comment and yes you are so very right! Time is a precious commodity but how many of us waste so much on things that we cannot change instead of using it to be and do what we were ‘born’ to be and do! Regards Ruth

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