Are You a Bruised Reed…?

Life is not always easy and we can be hurt but choose to become 'whole' again!
Hurt and pain heal but leave a scars... but do not become a bruised reed. Instead, CHOOSE to live again...!

The power of human nature to overcome is amazing and even though wounds heal they do leave scars – sometimes angry, red and sore, leaving us like a bruised reed, frail and broken at the edge of life. Once we were standing tall, strong and ready to face the world but now looking in the mirror all we see is a person bent and battered by the winds of life…!

Are you like that bruised reed?

Was it not that long ago you were full of life but, somehow, somewhere something happened which left you broken.

Was it a…

  • wrong decision, a failure or mistake,
  • friends betrayal, a spouses wrong,
  • loss of a loved one or grief of some kind,
  • lie or angry words,
  • violence or abuse or maybe a loss of a job or a home…

Whatever it was, did it became the lynch pin that caused you to become broken and tired of life?  You have within… a resilience and strength far beyond what you know. All you need is to find it and let it blossom, flower and grow!

Yes, so many times in life events occur and they bring us down. Down so low that it seems as if our life is over, but somehow we keep on going and moving on as deep within us a strength lies there waiting… waiting… waiting!

Yes, so many times in life people hurt, abandon and do us wrong, but somehow we keep on going even if we just do the ‘motions of living’ – we just keep plodding on… and on… and on!

Yes, so many times in life we think that we cannot go on another step for it is just too hard and we want it all to stop, but life… is far too precious to just give up!


Each one of us is so very unique and worth the effort so reach within yourself and find your own strength and resilience! If you feel you need assistance reach out for another, take their hand and let them help you along. Do not, when you feel it is hopeless, try ‘go-it-alone’ as sometimes we need to have that support and there is always help and love just around the corner – more than you realize or know.

There are times that we need to rely on another so, do so!
At times you cannot ‘go-it-alone’ and you do not have to…!


Yes, the power of human nature to overcome is amazing, but sometimes all we need is that nudge as our strength can be buried so deep that it gets lost in the pain and hurt. So there is no harm or shame in asking for assistance meaning that we do not have to walk that pain of recovery all alone.

Yes, the resilience of self and our self-preservation is amazing, but sometimes, all we need to do is to find it within.

When the storms of life seem to close in and your eyes become blurred with the tears, and even though you may lose much with the pain and the sorrow, never forget that you are… an incredible life.

Say YES to acknowledging that you are INCREDIBLE…!

A life that is worth so much is unique and very precious and the place that you hold within this earth is made just for you. So even though life may seem so very difficult at times it makes us more aware of the resources contained within.

The resilience of self and self-preservation holds the key for peace and survival as peace and having a life worth living come not in the absence of conflict but in the ability to cope with what is given!

Step forwards in faith and belief in your own resilience as it is there lying waiting… just waiting within you!

Come walk with me a while and find your resilient self…!


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  • Thank you for this post, Ruthanne! Especially since my mom just went to be with the Lord, I had to dig deep to keep my head above water. The interesting thing is that I have a supportive family, even though we all were saddened by mom’s passing, I went inward. It is a world-changing thing when one loses a mother that cannot be fully expressed with words. I say this to say that, your article gives hope and encouragement to remember that as human we are resilient but ultimately, we need each other.

    • Dear Michelle
      thank you so much for expressing your feelings to me and I am thrilled that my words might have touch you in some way. I can understand what you are feeling and saying as we each have our own way of mourning any kind of loss – relationship ending, job, moving, etc., and regardless of whether we have support or not it is ultimately up to ourselves to deal with it. Hard as it is to ‘live’ again we must choose to accept and heal from deep within then we can move forwards. I am fortunate my amazing mum, who is 87, lives with me though I lost my dad (54) and sister (38) within two years so, Michelle I feel for what you have gone through. Do keep those wonderful memories alive and cherish you dear mum through them,
      lol Ruth

    • Hi Malla – just love it! And yes to your incredibility and thank you so much for acknowledging that you are as well as reading my words, much appreciated, regards Ruth

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