What is Your Circle of Life, a Garland of Beautiful Flowers or One Made Up Of Weeds…?

Garland of Flowers
As a garland is a circle of beautiful flowers, so too should your life be!

As a garland is a circle of beautiful flowers, so too should your life be!

So, just what is Your Circle of Life…?

Is it a garland of beauty or of a garland of weeds

Yes just what is Your Circle of Life…?

Only you can answer for…

it is up to you to fashion your days, months and years just as this garland, made up of not only flowers but lots of beautiful deeds and  not weeds!

Kindness, laughter, generosity, truth, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and love are just some of those beautiful deeds I am speaking of… try using some of these today and just see what they can do to your circle of life!

What is the circle of Life?

This is a question every one of us has asked at some point in our lives and we all seek to find the answers – but are there any and if so what are they?

There are many who seek the meaning of life through religion, science, or in whatever means that they feel will fulfil, or answer, this question!

So, what is this circle of Life?

Life is different to each one of us and the answers we seek can be simple if we only look to ourselves, look inwards, within…

In life there is only what you know – not only of the world and how it functions but the secret life within yourself as well. Our senses and what we see go to make up our whole being.

The past weekend, for me, was Life!

The weather was so lovely and warm, a cool breeze and sunny skies. I went for a drive on Saturday in the country, stopped off for lunch in a quaint cafe (glorious food) and then made my way home. The countryside was very dry but the sights to see were amazing – vivid green trees, country lanes, sheep sheltering from the sun under huge trees, cattle grazing in the pastures even saw Alpacas and goats (lots of these types of farms around Christchurch). There was no hustle and bustle and on the country lanes there was only the odd car (until nearing home on the motorway). The blue sky was bright with no clouds and the falcons were out in the clear air looking for some prey.

What a glorious reprieve from day-to-day life – for me this is part of my circle Life!


But for you it is something else so… just what is your circle of life?


On Sunday mum and I went to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, sat in the sun having morning tea, moved onto the museum where we had lunch watching, from the top floor, all the people enjoying this beautiful oasis (in a city with much vacant land and broken buildings) before continuing our walk.  On our walk we saw a mother bird, a Fantail, flitting here-and-there gathering insects for her two tiny, fluffy chicks – it was an amazing sight. Here were two baby birds trustingly perched up high, waiting and knowing that they would be fed and cared for. There was also a beautiful Thrush but sadly it’s leg had been broken! It seemed fine and was hopping around on the ground eagerly awaiting crumbs, from our morning tea – it had adapted to its injury and was carrying on fending for itself. We then saw a child in a wheel chair, her mother pushing her around the gravel paths – she was laughing joyously pointing out the many sights to see, there was an old lady with a stick sitting with her husband – they had a thermos, cups and a picnic baskets.

There were many others out and about feeling the beauty of the day, experiencing the circle of Life, each in their own way.

Garland of flowers or one of weeds
What is Your Circle of Life – is it a garland of flowers or one made up of weeds…?

This is just what Life is – we each have our own!

So, what is the Circle of Life?

It can be found in the daisy hiding in the grass, and the swift bird high up above.

Life is the moon shining down upon us from the nigh time sky and the fallen snow upon the trees.

It is the sunlit grove where tiny animals hide and the wonderful world where we abide.

So, go and experience your Circle of Life, experience it in your own way…

Live it, taste it and enjoy it through your own eyes, as let us all remember that each of us has a different dream within us so, live and follow it to the full!

So… enjoy forming and living your very own Circle of Life my friends – Ruth

Say YES to living your OWN Circle of Life!


My book, ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’  is a collection of inspirational thoughts with a workbook relating to each chapter. After reading the book you can do the workbook which will assist you in finding out the truth about your own life and become a source of strength. It gives you the tools to cope and overcome any issues in your life. And, by having ‘Reader’s Group Questions’ at the end of the book, which can be utilized in a reading group, with a smaller number of people or, just two, the opportunity is there to answer questions already posed as well as write questions of your own.

The choice is there for readers to share, discuss and discover together!

Read more about Ruth Anne Caukwell

Read more about ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’


– Chapter two –‘The stoppers in our lives’ and chapter 12 of the workbook

– Chapter three – ‘What is fear’ and chapter 13 of the workbook

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– Chapter six – ‘Challenging your though patterns’ and chapter 16 of the workbook

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  • My Circle of Life is being around people I love and who love me, support me, and respect. It’s being able to appreciate the little things in life and be grateful for every single one of them. 🙂

    • Hi Daniela
      wow what a glorious ‘circle of life’ and so thrilled that you wrote telling me. Yes to be surrounded by our loved ones and have their support and respect is the most precious and valuable aspect of life – but in saying that it comes from yourself too and having you appreciate all of them (and their love) is part of all of this. They are very fortunate that you treasure them so, do take care, regards Ruth

    • Hi Jiselle
      what a great idea and do…! When we think thoughts, ideas and have feelings these are in the mind so to actually put them down on paper they become’concrete’ and they form a ‘reality’. This is important for us as it helps to become positive and let any negatives go, also it helps us with any goals, dreams or aspirations. In the first chapter of my book and chapter 11 of the workbook (Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’) I write about ‘Dreams’ (‘Do you have a dream’) I talk about Dreams and how unless you take them out of your mind they will never eventuate – so this practice of writing ‘things’ down will be a strategy for achieving them.
      I appreciate your comment and do let me know how you go with writing your daily thoughts down, kindest regards Ruth

  • I have been focused on clearing the weeds out of my thinking which has such an effect on my mood and my part in creating the environment around me. This image – garden or weeds – is so apt in this practice for me.

    Lovely post, Ruth! Thank you!

    • Hi Natural Mama
      yes there are always those ‘weeds’ that start to peep through our positive thinking…! So glad to hear that you are consciously ‘weeding’ out those negative things which can be difficult in our busy days but to be aware is the key! I am thrilled that my ‘picture image’ made an impression. Thank you so much for not only reading but commenting, really appreciate it, kindest regards Ruth

    • Hi Lisa

      thank you so much for your comment and so happy that you found something in my words that resonated! Do feed those flowers each day, lol Ruth

  • What a neat and thought-provoking post! As a mental health therapist who does CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and strength based therapy, this was relevant to what I tell clients.

    • Hi Berklee
      wow I am thrilled that I have written something that you find aligned with your work! What a wonderful job you do and it must be so very rewarding thank you once again! Have a look at my inspirational book – “Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ (https://www.amazon.com/Musings-Blogger-Inspirational-Thoughts-Journey/dp/1504300491) as I wrote it after going through life-changing bullying. My inspirational writing came from this experience upon which I base my book on (overcoming adversity and choosing to ‘step out’ on a journey of finding one’s authenticity.
      kindest regards

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