Are You Discouraged Today…?

Discouragement in your life!
Ask yourself this question:- "Am I discouraged today and if so why?"

Ask yourself this question:- “Am I discouraged today and if so why?”

If you answered “Yes” to being discouraged can you answer the “Why?”

What makes one discouraged will be different for each person but ultimately there are key reasons as to why discouragement creeps into your life….



Failure and FEAR

discouragement, fear and failure!
Why am I discouraged today.
is it… fatigue, frustration or fear?


Are you worn out?

Are you physically spent or mentally and emotionally exhausted – burnt out?

Each of us needs to refresh and renew, not only our physical body but our spiritual one too, and never more so as when fatigue and discouragement threatens to permeate all aspects of our life! So…

Simplify your life! 


Do you dwell on the negative aspects of life?

Do you let all the ‘junk’ in life loom large so much so that it takes over?

Do you have so much ‘rubbish’ in your life that you become frustrated and discouraged when it seemingly dictates your, everything?

“I’ve no rubbish in my life so what do you mean?” you might say…

Rubbish can be anything that takes your authenticity away, fills your minutes, hours and day with ‘stuff’ that is negative and destructive to the ‘real’ you!

Do you let unimportant time wasters and energy consumers that hinder you becoming who you are meant to be?

What keeps you from building and keeping your relationships – are they that important that those you love miss out on YOU?


Each of us needs to ’empty’ our rubbish bin or it will smell, fester and rot – this is the same with your LIFE! So, take some time to refresh and renew by ‘biffing’ anything that ‘fills’ you in negative ways so……

it is Time to Take Action NOW!

Failure! Even saying that word brings tears of frustration, bitterness and discouragement!

Well… just what is failure and whose failure is it – how and who has measured the so-called ‘failure’ you think you have so…

what is the yard -stick of failure? 

Yes we all have times in our life when ‘failures’ set our mind set, actions and thinking but a ‘failure’ is a learning curve – a gaining of wisdom and knowledge NOT something that labels us –  failure, useless, loser!

Look beyond the ‘blame-game’ of blaming either yourself or others; the ‘pity-party’ of “woe is me”; the ‘complaining-con’ of “It was impossible to do anyway it is all their fault”!

Yes step out beyond your discouragement and frustration and, instead think ‘learning-curve’, ‘winner’ and ‘persistent-me’– Run your own race not that of others so…

Are You Running Your own Race?

FEAR!  Do you have fears that control your life – what are they and are they ‘fed’ by your negative thinking, low self-esteem, lack of confidence in yourself, frustration and discouragement? Have you let the ‘negative’ aspects of life – people and circumstances dictate the ‘real‘ you?

FEAR – is often unfounded but FED by our emotions, thinking, actions of not only ourselves but others too, thereby it becomes who and what we are! It becomes our ‘rule-book’, our guide that we live by and soon it rules our actions and ultimately our… life!

Let these fears go NOW as you will never develop and grow and become the unique person that you were meant to be.

You are amazing so do not be ‘led’ into a false way of thinking, a negative life, instead… align yourself with every positive that you can – thinking, emotion, action, people and circumstances so…

Do You want to Fly Free?

Say YES to letting your fears go and flying free to today!




‘… Why is it that once we reach adulthood, things change?

Everything becomes more complicated then.

We find it hard to forgive, let go, and move on—instead, we think too much about things, mull them over, and because of this, they become part of our inner selves.

We build walls that will keep us safe while hiding behind masks, pretending that we are okay.

We also take on board other people’s words, actions, and treatment of us, making them so much part of ourselves that sadly they become entrenched within our psyches, ultimately changing who we are and burying our authentic selves.

But I have great news: this book, Musings of a Blogger, will change all of this….’ ©


Quote from my inspirational book –  ‘Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’

-Chapter two –‘The stoppers in our lives’ and chapter 12 of the workbook

-Chapter three – ‘What is fear’ and chapter 13 of the workbook

-Chapter four – ‘Embrace change’ and chapter 14 of the workbook

-Chapter five – ‘Self-esteem – what are your values?‘ and chapter 15 of the workbook

-Chapter six – ‘Challenging your though patterns’ and chapter 16 of the workbook

-Chapter seven – ‘The Masks We Wear’ and chapter 17 of workbook and,

-Chapter 10 – ‘Choices, chances and changes’ and chapter 20 of the workbook.






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  • Thanks for writing. This is definitely helpful. It’s so easy to get discouraged and get into a slump. Thanks for the good ideas.

    • Hi Dawn
      thank you for reading my words and taking the time to comment – appreciate it! Yes so often we become discouraged with people, life and circumstances but the thing to remember is we have a choice to change our attitude and thinking which will in turn alter our emotions, words and actions. This can and is hard at times, I definitely know first hand, but awareness of how we think it helps to be able to make those choices to change – even if difficult.
      kindest regards

    • Hi Kay – wow I am so glad that my words found you today and obviously made a difference! Yes I try to make all of my days wonderful… there is a blessing in each one of them. Do take care yourself, kindest regards Ruth

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