Are You an Empty Shell or Do You Empty the Shell…?

Life and emptiness do not have to walk together!
Are you an Empty Shell or do you Empty the Shell...?

“Are you an empty shell?” or “Do you empty the shell…?” – only you yourself can answer this!

Today I was overcome with a great sadness when someone very close and dear to me told me that, inside they “felt like an empty shell.”

The emotion I felt included hopelessness as this amazing person is just that… amazing!

Her whole life has been full of giving, kindness and loving others so much so that many have come to ‘expect’ her goodness.  They assume that she will always be ‘there’ just when they feel like it… at their ‘beck-and-call.’ And during those other times they never call or bother with her!

Are you one of those people who give-and-give-and-give so much so that that you are devoid of feeling too…?

Or are you one of those who tread life with your hands wide open, expecting… taking… and wanting from others…?

Today I learned a lesson, one from which great wisdom can be gained and I asked myself these two questions

“Do I treat those who are close to me with an attitude of indifference?”


Is this unconsciously done, a learned habit or intended…?”

I know what my answers are to these questions and they are ones that I will never be ashamed of as, I know what hurt, pain and adversity is. I know what loneliness, unfairness and grief is too!

But, I also know about happiness, kindness and love. I also know about goodness, gratitude and trust too, because I learned it not only from my own life’s journey but also from that amazing person who has given me her all…!

What is your answer to these questions…

“Are you an empty shell?”


“Do you empty the shell…?”

Say YES to CHOICE – to making a CHOICE of stepping out from emptiness and into happiness



Emptiness is just that empty so make a choice to fill your life!
Choose to step out from emptiness – I did and wow how wonderful life can be…!
My inspirational book ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ will give you a ‘helping hand’ and can be one of your ‘tools of support’ to help you ‘step out’ of either being an empty shell or emptying the shell. As you immerse yourself within its pages, you will come to realize just how much choices,  circumstances and people influence your life, both in negative and positive ways. This is great news though as AWARENESS is the key…awareness that we all have a choice no matter how hard life is.

If you cannot do it alone, that is okay, ask and take help and ultimately, when you are ready, you will choose to ‘step out’ and beyond the shadow of the pain, hardship… others… because you CAN do it… we all can – I know from personal experience that it will happen!

Read my book and work through the workbook utilizing the tools that are applicable for you, you will learn, realize and begin a journey of self-discovery.

You will start to recognize that within yourself is a wonderful, unique human being, and through perseverance, you will find your true self again—your own authentic self!

How wonderful is that?


Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell
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