Will Fear Rule Your Life this Year…?

Will you let your fears rule your life this year...?
We ALL have fears, both inner and outer - will you let them rule your life this year...?

Will Fear Rule Your Life this New Year – The New Year has begun and already moving on, just as time does, with each of us well back into our routines as if the holiday period had never been. Will your life be just the ‘same-old-same-old’ or are you ready to ‘step-out’ into a different life?

Will you choose to let your life be full of the frustrations, heartaches and troubles of yesteryear? Will you choose to let your life be compounded in fears – but what is fear? A difficult question to answer as for each one of us it means a different thing!

There are fears arising from such aspects as… danger, expectation of pain and physical events, which are natural responses, but what about those personal acknowledged and unacknowledged fears plus, those hidden fears?

Fears that are caused by and from such things as: –

  • judgment
  • others opinions
  • incorrect thinking of ‘self’
  • self-doubt
  • not being good enough
  • thinking that you are weak
  • change and
  • the future!

You know just what fears I mean!

It is those fears that you identify with…

it is those fears that you keep hidden and it is those fears that are there but not acknowledged!

Yes it is all those fears that are within – those that maybe you keep to yourself or those that maybe you act upon through such things as:-

  • procrastination
  • keeping busy
  • perfectionism
  • anger
  • shyness
  • bullying
  • low self esteem

Sadly our thought patterns, inner image and ultimately, our life, can be ruled by any one or all of these types of fears!

Will you let fear rule you this year?
Fears… what are they? There are inner fears and outer fears but they can all control us if we choose to let them!

Our inner image is the private picture that we have of ourselves and which reflects our own thoughts, feelings and actions all of which we mostly keep within. To hide them we instead put on a mask so as to cope with situations, people and those inner fears!

Our outer image is the public picture that we portray outwardly for others to see. Mostly this image is so very different from our inner image and is one that we build upon from childhood and throughout our life.

So sadly we can end up neglecting and ignoring our inner self instead of nourishing or caring for out outer image! We end up living behind a wall and empty inside! If we live behind this wall we will find ourselves living with and through our fears.  But if we choose to break through this wall we will instead be able to face our fears!

Everything you want is ultimately on the other side of fear as fear obscures your vision and consequently we will only be able to see our limitations!

Be an explorer as the world is filled with so much wonder and magic.

Life is a promise and our real voyage of discovery lies not in hiding from our fears or seeing with obscured eyes but instead, it lies in stepping out with faith, confidence, belief and in having new eyes to see!

So, why walk with fear when you can walk through it!

Say YES to walking through fear not with it today…!

Come walk with me a while and choose to make your journey of discovery be free of fear!


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  • Love this. I learned that fear means False Evidence Appearing Real and I try to always remember that. Well written and so needed!!

    • Hi Nicole – yes fear does mean exactly what you wrote… how many of us ‘life’ by and through fear? Many times we do not know that we are and it can often be something quite simple that opens our eyes as to how controlled we are by this… fear is debilitating and controlling but is takes courage to ‘step-free’ so keep on walking ahead free of fear Nicole and do keep in touch as I would love to hear from you again, take care, regards Ruth

  • I know my fears. But I don’t know how to overcome them. People often try to free me from fears. But at most, their methods don’t work on me. And this often creates another layer of fear 🙁
    But one thing I learned from reading this blog is; I need to get out of my shell.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • hi Muhammad
      I really appreciate that you not only read my words but made such a heartfelt comment – thank you! Yes fears can be a huge ‘monster’ that rules our life and for each of us our fears are different as they are ‘unique’ to us. They involve our thoughts, emotions, words, actions and basically our history! I have ‘faced’ my own fears and I know how hard it is to overcome but ultimately it is only we ourselves who can decide and choose to ‘walk-free’ of them. Of course as with any pain and hurt there will be scars and even though they heal (if we choose to let them heal) there will always be residue remaining but that is what makes us grow, gain wisdom and yes happiness! In fact we can use our fears to become ‘more’ that who we were!
      Do ‘step-out’ Muhammad… take your life and ‘run-with-it’ as you are worth it just as I was,
      kindest regards

        • Hi Muhammad
          thank you for your kind words and I hope that any inspiration that you receive from my words you can take for yourself and then inspire others!

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