The Five Aspects of Managing the Art of Writing…!

Writing = lots of things
There is more to being a Writer than writing...!

So you want to write your book? Yes you could just sit down and write flat-put for a week but I bet if you did you would soon ‘peter’ out.


Writing is an art – a discipline and writing your book is even more of an art

– even more of a discipline

so, to help you get started here are Five Aspects to help you manage that art!

Say YES to being able to manage your Art of Writing!


  1. Write Every Day

Every day set a ‘writing goal’, even if it is 10 minutes at first, a sentence or a paragraph.  This is important as writing takes discipline, practice and a ‘letting-go’ of your mind. The ‘art’ of releasing your voice takes belief and confidences in yourself and abilities.

Tip: doodle with words, sentences and ideas!  Try sitting for five minutes and just write – not about anything just write. This exercise is great as with practice you will become loser and those horrid self-limitations will diminish!

  1. Your Place

Decide upon an area where you feel comfortable then set up this area with some favorite ‘bits-and-pieces’ – photographs, sayings, a plant, cup, books and tools of the trade (pens, pencils, eraser, dictionary – I know you can use an on-line one but I still love my well-worn dictionary), paper, etc.

Tip: Make this place your ‘special place’ and only go there to do your writing and related work.

  1. No Distractions

When you sit down to write or do that related work (research, writing practice, proof-reading, etc.) have no distractions. By that I mean NO DISTRACTIONS – your mobile, social media, television or anything that will take your mind off your ‘work’!

Remember your writing is your work!


  1. How to Care for Yourself

Writing can be a stressful occupation not only on your mind but your body as well so you must take care of yourself.  You are your own employee so treat YOU with care and consideration and that means:

  • buy a timer and set it for an hour. When it ‘beeps’ get up from your chair, stretch, have a drink of water, take a short walk… have a mini-break
  • ensure that all of your equipment – computer, chair, keyboard is ‘fitted’ to suit you so adopt great OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) principles!

Tip: Have a desk lamp that has a ‘flexible’ spine then you can point the light to where it is needed most.  Having a good lighting source will help with the health of your eyes so a must!

  1. Writers Unite!

Writers write so writers must read…!


Read everything that you can – the classics, poetry, non-fiction, fiction of all types, dictionaries even! This opens up avenues to learn about words, grammar, sentence structure, types of writing and all the aspects to the ‘Art of Writing’!

Join on-line writers groups, a reading group in your area and enter competitions too! Do some research and find one or more which suits you and become involved – this will give you an opportunity to become involved in ‘feedback’ and give it as well.

writing is so much more than just writing!
Writers write so Writers must read…!

Tip: READ, read and do more READING!  WRITE, write and do more WRITING! And…PRACTICE, practice and do more PRACTICE!

Look out for my next blog entry:-  ‘Words, words, words…!’


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