Simplicity and Freedom… how many of us have these in our lives?

Simplicity and Freedom
Simplicity and Freedom... how many of us have these in our lives?

Simplicity and freedom… all it takes is:

  • a walk in the rain
  • watching the birds fly high in the sky or the clouds rolling by
  • take a drive in the countryside or sit in a quiet place and listen to the wind rustle in the trees
  • go turn off the television, your ipad, mobile phone and your games
  • stop buying those takeaways – instead spend some time cooking tea with your partner and children. Sit together at night time and play a board game or at the weekend take a kite to the park.

Yes, in our busy and often complicated life, just take a minute or two to take a breather! Go sit outside, close your eyes and dream a little – how simple is that!

Hey, how much busyness and stress do we make for ourselves?

Yes just take a minute or two and think your day over. Do you have time to relax or is every minute taken up just, doing working and stressing…? Is that simplicity?

I challenge you ALL to listen to my call to Simplicity and Freedom as,

in reality,

it is a reminder of your worth!

Why is life so complex when it can be so simple!
Simplicity is…. ?

Realize this:-

Your worth is NOT measured from the time spent being busy or the amount of involvement in things. Nor is it measured by your achievements, money and possessions. It does not come from just mindlessly walking through life either, as your worth is so much more than that!

Your worth comes from within! It is:

  • the depth of knowing who you truly are without it being buried by busyness of life
  • recognizing that you are more than material things
  • the simple things of life and the love, kindness and care which you bring to each precious moment – where ever you are, whom ever you meet and whatever you do!

But far too often we are too busy to notice who we really are inside and instead we, and others, measure our worth by those things mentioned above and by our:

  • amount of involvement in things and achievements, money and possessions!

So, take my challenge of Simplicity and Freedom from busyness





Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell (C)

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