Going Home – what does it mean to you…?

Home, family, relationships, communication…!
Going home - what does it mean to you...?

Going home – what does this mean to you? Respect, warmth, kindness, trust and love… or disrespect, coldness, harshness, lack of trust and no love!

Going home – what will you find there? Great communication – full of sharing and discussion… or words of malice and blame!

Going home – what does the place contain? Companionship and presence or loneliness and abandonment? Is it full of togetherness or empty with separation…? Does your ‘home’ ring with laughter between a ‘family’… or echo with voices of ‘strangers’ – just ‘living’ there?

Going home to… where…?

Going home to… belong or to be alone…?

How can those living at home, and in any relationship whether partner, husband/wife, sibling, mother/father or friend maintain and cultivate a closeness when ‘life’ is allowed to buffer and form a river of separation? Blame, unforgiveness, dishonesty, conflict, resentment, hatred…. how much more can be added to the distance that comes between? “Life crowds in, it is SO not fair”, you say…. “He did, she said, they acted….” everyone added!

No one can have any kind of successful relationship or stay connected unless awareness of the ‘keys for success‘ (in thoughts, words and actions) are there.

Going home – what are the ‘keys for success?’  Think about each other and avoid that which breeds conflict and resentment in other words. At times all relationships take effort and work but keep it simple

‘Say it’ and communicate truthfully

‘Show it’ and do it lovingly, with honesty and respect and… ‘

‘Be aware’ by taking into account innate differences so as to come to a ‘win-win’ for all!

Once upon a time a couple decided to take a row across the lake in their canoes with the intention of crossing together side-by-side. As they started off the a wind blew up causing the lake to become choppy and rough and soon… the canoes began to drift apart. The wind blew stronger and the waves higher separating the two further and further away until, one of them was at one end of the lake and the second at the other! They had drifted apart and were unable to reconnect due to the circumstances around them….!

Nothing… no nothing is better than amazing relationships but often the stresses of life can be the ‘river of separation’ – so CHOOSE to make a CHOICE to take some time to ‘row like crazy’ against the drift of life’s currents!

Say YES to ‘Going home’ and making it the best place ever!

Home, love, family, friendship...!
Going home, no matter how you get there, is the best place on earth…!

My inspirational book – ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ is a book which will inspire you to make CHOICES that will be right for your life! The inspirational words… the connecting workbook (with it’s two amazing themes – The Hexagon of Life and the Parable of the Butterfly) plus, the Reader’s Group Questions are all written to assist you to choose to take the journey of self discovery in all areas of your life!

-Chapter four – ‘Embrace change’ and chapter 14 of the workbook

-Chapter five – ‘Self-esteem’ – what are your values?’ and chapter 15 of the workbook

-Chapter six – ‘Challenging your though patterns‘ and chapter 16 of the workbook

-Chapter nine ‘ ‘We can all have happiness – so just go out and grab it!’ and chapter 19 of the workbook and,

– Chapter 10 – ‘Choices, chances and changes’ and chapter 20 of the workbook.



Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell (C)

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