A letter to the World…!

April 18th - A Letter to The World...!
April 18th - A Letter to The World...! Written by Ruth Anne Caukwell

April 18th 2017 – A letter to the World…!


Dear World,

Today I took a trip as I wanted to have a look at you and see how you are going but what I saw made me so sad.

I drove through the city and what did I see….

  • a broken city with slums, homeless, sad and depressed people wandering the streets while busy cars zipped past the occupants so intent on their destiny!

I boarded a boat to sail the seas and what did I see…

  • an island of rubbish floating on top (but how deep did it go?)
  • a dolphin tangled in a line and hardly alive
  • the bloom on the ocean looked red in the sunset while the nets of the fishermen were only half full.

I landed on the sand but there, lying on the shore were…

  • whales beached and birds all covered in oil!

I could not look so shut my eyes and held my head but as tears ran down my face I smelt something burning…! I lifted my head to look again and what did I see…

  • I saw fires blazing away in the distance and was suddenly afraid to tread the worn path but, I did!

Oh how I wish I had not for I saw…

  • a city in flames with men, women and children barely alive as the smoldering ruins of a once proud civilization were burnt and useless. I walked on in a trance among all the dead and dying lying on the streets seeing bullet holes and bomb wounds. They were the cause of this catastrophe!

I slowly left as I could not stand the pain – the suffering, the injustice!

I had to go somewhere but where….?

I boarded a plane for some relief!

High in the skies I sighed and just let myself relax. I felt safe and ready to sleep but then some people started waving guns, yelling out loud and ready to shoot! Terrified I looked through the window in panic, to the sky but there was no relief to be found there for as I cowered on the floor looking I saw…

  • a flash of white light, a mushroom cloud, a plume of smoke and the earth being undone.


A white hot flash...!
A Flash of White Light…. and I Saw The World Being Undone…!

I could only close my eyes in reservation and ask myself… Why?


But then, in my question and among all this pain, I began to see among the broken-ness, sadness and depression a true glimmer of hope as a…

  • Philanthropist was planning on rebuilding a slum, organizing this to happen from their money
  • man and a lady handing out clothes and food on the street – her outstretched arms marked with healed ‘track scars’ and, his face ravaged by time
  • busy car stopping so that a waiting man in a wheelchair could cross the street then wow…
  • there was a man who halted the traffic so some ducklings could go to their mum!

Far out to sea I saw a…

  • flotilla of ships working to recycle that rubbish (a huge job but hey it was a start) and calling for assistance through their on-line site
  • There in the distance a fishing boat was winding in the line as the freed dolphin started swimming to meet his mate and
  • the polluted water was being cleaned by some amazing company who were working with factories to ‘clean-up’ it’s act!

I then saw, on the beach

  • a huge crowd of people keeping those whales cool with water, waiting for the tide so as to guide them back to their home, and yes, those oil covered birds were being lovingly being cleaned!

And, there on shore

  • the ruined city was still ablaze but the Red Cross and volunteers began to arrive en-mass, administering to the pain and suffering and to help heal the hurts

Whilst high in the sky

  • those people with guns were overcome by the bravery of some unsung heroes and
  • the white hot heart of a nuclear explosion did not happen for just in time the perpetrator realized and pulled his hand from the button!

Oh YES there are terrible and horrible things that occur in our world, but, within the sadness and ruin of despair there are those who are faithful in their belief of human kind, so, give of themselves and yes… give again and again as…

Where there is darkness there is light!

Where there is Ying there is Yan!

Where there is death there is life!


Where there is pain, only happiness can come next as, if we look it is there within us all so…


do not give up nor lose faith that life will fall,

instead find the hope, for it is there within us,

and if we all believe and act with kindness and love,

our world can be healed and held in the hands of those who care!


kindness and love!
If we ALL believe and act with kindness and love our world can be saved…!


Your Sincerely

© Ruth Anne Caukwell

Writer, Author, Blogger and Public Speaker




Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell (C)



All the material contained within this blog is the property of Ruth Anne Caukwell (C)


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    • Hi Berklee – thank you so much for your encouraging comment – really appreciate it! Yes a couple of events happened over the last two weeks that has made me think about our amazing world and what is happening to it… this led me to write my blog. I spent ages thinking about and writing these words as I wanted to get it just right, plus, make an impact so that we all realize that our world cannot keep on ‘keeping-on’ unless we ALL do something! Cheers and thank you so much, kindest regards

  • What a great post ….has you thinking what the world is turning in to and how we all have our little part to play to make it a better place.

    • Hi Debbie
      hi and thank you for your words! Yes each and every single person on this earth has their part to play no matter what that might be but hopefully it is a positive and constructive action! Our world is far too precious to have it ‘die’ any further but thank goodness for all of us who do the ‘right’ thing!
      kindest regards

  • Wow! A very powerful story! And very true! We all must continue to look for ways to see good and do good in this world or we will lose it!

    • Hi Ginger
      I appreciate your comments and so glad that you found my article worth while. I took a while to get my concepts down as really wanted to write it with a positive view… there will always be those who do good and positive things so that is what we ALL must focus on! Something to work towards everyday,
      do drop me another line sometime,
      appreciate you taking the time,

  • Thank you for this powerful article. The world is a different place than we would want it to be, people make mistakes… but there are still so much beauty to be found. We should open our eyes to see the right with the wrong. Thank you for this reminder.

    • Hi Rolene
      thank you for your lovely message and yes the world is so very different from what it should be. I always spend time in nature and look for the ‘good’ in both people and things as this is a positive way of attracting more of the same as often if we do not the negative starts to ‘drag’ me down… take care and kindest regards Ruth

  • I’m so glad that the hope came after the despair. I struggle sometimes to keep the light in. Keep the darkness from taking over. Thank you for the reminder that others feel the way I do.

    • Hi MamaSavesALot
      thank you for your lovely words and yes sometimes we look at the world and other people and do despair – like you said “struggle to keep the light in…” but in these times I kind of go ‘Macro’ (so to speak) and look closely as those ‘smaller’ blessings within my life! This certainly helps! But we ALL need to do our bit – whether it is a kind word, a helping hand, a smile, hug or even a tear with another… these help to change a life and in turn ‘the world’.
      Do drop me a line every now-and-again as I would love to hear from you,
      kindest regards

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