Musings of A Blogger

I wrote this book from some of my inspirational blog entries, which I had started in January 2015 after going through a soul-destroying period of adult bullying.

My book is a collection of inspirational thoughts with a workbook relating to each chapter. After reading the book you can do the workbook which will assist you in finding out the truth about your own life and become a source of strength. It gives you the tools to cope and overcome any issues in your life. And by having ‘Reading Group Questions’ at the end of the book, which can be utilized in a reading group with a smaller number of people or just two, the opportunity is there to answer questions already posed as well as write questions of your own.  The choice is there for readers to share, discuss and discover together!  Also at the end there is a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ for readers to fill out and frame once they have read and worked through the book – this is to encourage readers to continue on their journey of life seeking and learning about themselves and who they really are!

“Choices influence change, and change influences our lives.  So embrace change, as change ultimately makes our voyages of life and discovery complete.  It shapes the way it was meant to be for each of us!” (page 11)

The main concept in my book concentrates on finding your authentic self. The series of ten chapters (of inspirational words), followed by a workbook (ten chapters also relating to the inspirational chapters), gives readers the opportunity (through the words and tools contained in the workbook) to discover the source of their own strength and the truth about their own life.

There is only one main character in my book and it is, each reader themselves, thus… it is the reader themselves who is the most important person to the whole story, as, the information contained within the story is for them to read, contemplate and utilize for their own life. The story is really each reader’s story… the story of their life if they choose it so takes place in the ‘here and now’ of each readers life as it is written for them to be inspired to work towards and find their authentic self!

I myself had to face, deal with and overcome (I have written what I went through in the introduction of my book) – and in doing so learned about myself (and others) in the process.  I used many strategies but all those (and the ideas, suggestions, etc.,) found  in my book I ‘trialled’ and found were the ones that assisted me so greatly! I had to work through deep depression and face issues not only due to adult bullying (which occurred in 2015) but realized that ‘things’ from the past I had not really and truly dealt with either – they were buried deep behind my ‘wall’.   I just started writing my inspirational blog and posting on-line and the ideas and thoughts poured out… what a healing for me and I worked so very hard to deal with and find strategies (even though I had support which I was very dubious of asking for – but did!)

“I contrary winds blow strong in your face, go forwards, never turning back.  Instead continue to press forwards, onward, and upwards, as you do not need to have a lot of might to be victorious.  Your life is a journey, a destination, but in the travelling you, have the choice to take the chances to make those changes that are necessary to live the best life possible for you,” (page 26)

It Is With Pleasure That I Share With You – Musings of A Blogger!

“You do not have to stay behind your wall.  You can build a gate instead and go thought it.” (page 25)