STOP as Your Life Needs You Now…!

step-free from behind your wall - build a gate!
Stop as your life needs you now so build a gate, step-free from behind your 'wall' and be free!

Sometimes our life seems just too difficult and we STOP!

STOP doing what we enjoy

STOP being who we are

STOP considering ourselves and we just cease to live… we merely exist!

Yes we all experience the ‘fight or flight’ process, but how we cope is dependent upon many factors:

  • our state of mind and physical health
  • availability of a circle of supportive friends and family and
  • help from others such as support groups, etc.,

How well I know that it takes an inner strength to not only overcome but continue living a life worthy of you – one full of self-esteem and self-respect. It takes huge strength and a commitment to overcome and until we each realize that healing takes time and, that it is ultimately up to each of us individually to play the major part in that healing, we will never truly overcome. This is sometimes the hardest thing to do but if you really desire to ‘step-out’ from a life that is worthy of you must choose not to…

‘Walk hand in hand with fear when you can let go and walk through it’ ©

Yes, reach out for support (I did) but ultimately, the internal struggle must be owned and overcome not by others, but by you! That is so hard to deal with yet the time will come when you will know when you are ready, able and willing to step out and walk on your own!

So STOP ‘existing’ and START your ‘living’ as Your Life Needs You Now!


life is for living not sitting!
Life is there for the taking so choose to ‘step-free’ and not just sit on the ‘side-lines’!


Walls divide and will shut you away from the life meant just for you so break down that wall,

even if it is brick-by-brick,

and choose to make a choice to take a chance to change.

So START by taking a walk with me and when you are ready
step out on your own, with full faith, confidence and belief that you can break down that wall!


My inspirational book – ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ will open a doorway for you and ‘set’ you onto a path of self-discovery. The inspirational words, the connecting workbook and the Reader’s Group Questions are all written for you to…

‘not have to stay behind your wall [but] build a gate instead and go through it.’ ©


Build a gate and walk through your wall!
Walls divide and walls hide! You cannot ‘see’ from behind your wall so build a gate and walk through it!


Check out some reviews for ‘Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey‘….

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Wonderful Surprise

By Jim Marquison November 25, 2016

Format: Paperback

I have to admit, I really didn’t think it was possible for anybody to put out a self-help book in the year 2016 that would seem not only original but very effective. But this writer has done it, writing about how we look at ourselves and all the psychological angels and devils our minds deal with every day. It also includes a workbook section and lots of great quotes that help reinforce the healthy perspective presented here. Nice job, Ruth Anne.


5.0 out of 5 stars

“It Was So Inspirational!”

By Vic Tomlinsonon November 25, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|

Verified Purchase

The Musings of a Blogger was so inspirational! Ms. Caukwell encourages her readers to embrace a positive approach in their lives and to remove negativity and doubt. She encourages people to challenge their thought patterns. Furthermore, she says that you can do anything you want to. Take a break and do something special just for you, she says. I was impressed with this author’s approach and I look forward to her future books!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent workbook, very useful

By Tim Eblon November 24, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|

Verified Purchase

This book is well thought out and leads to a lot of good exercises. Follow these instructions and there’s no doubt you’ll get results! I’m still working on a couple sections of the workbook. My favourite part is the real world ideas for making certificates and order forms to be filled by universe or authentic self, as a part of a vision board motif.


‘If we are brave enough to face those things that make us afraid we can face our fears that so much better…

If we are brave enough to face those things which hurt we can face our hurts with triumph!

The fear then… will not creep into our lives nor will the hurt over take…

We will be free to step forwards with courage and find out that we are BRAVER than we think!’©


Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’

– Chapter two –‘The stoppers in our lives’ and chapter 12 of the workbook

– Chapter three – ‘What is fear’ and chapter 13 of the workbook

– Chapter four – ‘Embrace change’ and chapter 14 of the workbook

– Chapter six – ‘Challenging your though patterns’ and chapter 16 of the workbook

– Chapter seven – ‘The Masks We Wear’ and chapter 17 of workbook

– Chapter nine – ‘We can all have happiness – so just go out and grab it!’ and chapter 19 and,

– Chapter 10 – ‘Choices, chances and changes’ and chapter 20 of the workbook.





© All quotes from ‘Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’


Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell (C)



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STOP as Your Life Needs You Now…!

Sometimes our life seems just too difficult and we STOP! STOP doing...
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  • Lovely! I think a lot of people are in the situation you mention—existing, but not living. Having no passion. Living a robotic life. It’s a sad thing, really. But, in the end, people, themselves, need to want that change for their own happiness and growth.

    • Hi Delilah
      yes you are so right…. Ultimately it is up to each of us ourselves to choose to want to overcome. Of course it is and can be very difficult but with help and a ‘wanting’ we can become the ‘best’ we have ever been – I know becuase I have done it! Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate it and would love to hear from you again,

    • Dear Baitul
      thank you for taking the time to comment and I would be thrilled if you read my book – it can be found on Amazon both as an ebook and a large paper back! Do let me know how you go won’t you, kindest regards

  • What a beautiful and accurate post! I have to totally agree that how you handle things in life definitely have a hand in how things turn out. I know for a fact that not having a good support system, can make or break a decision you must make pertaining to life. This has happened to me and because of the bad support system and listening to them, I made a huge decision regarding life the wrong way. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Christina – wow I so thank you for your comment and telling me what you have. Yes you are so right – many times in life we can find ourselves so totally alone (even if there are others around us) so much so that as you said the decisions considered, made or left can be a path not for us. I have done this and yes regretted my decision but I have learnt that in looking back, regretting, getting angry, resentful and keeping the ‘hurt’ and pain around just pulled me down more. Ultimately we do have another choice (which can be hard and sometime not a short-term one) and that is to choose to walk free of that decision and the ramifications. I have gained a wisdom by the ‘wrong’ paths that I have taken (some not really of my own choosing but some of the choices I made on that path were) and am learning still! In my book I talk about ‘Choices, chances and changes’ (chapter 10 & 20 of the workbook) which I wrote from some of my life experiences. Do keep in touch Christina, take care, regards Ruth

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