‘Time Does not Heal, it is You Yourself that Heals!’

How many times have you heard these words – “Time will heal, just give it time!”…?

Time itself does not heal as time in itself is nothing but…. time! What does time actually do, nothing except just pass! So… ultimately ‘Time Does not Heal, it is You Yourself that Heals’

We are all part of time… yet some of us just drift through time, some of us step out through time but there are others who march through time hand-in-hand with the seconds, minutes and hours! They have a union with time and make it their friend so when adversity might strike they make a choice! They choose to make a choice and that choice is to:-

‘make their own journey one of purpose, power and strength. They choose to take the chance to change what needs changing! They choose to make a choice to heal while walking with time!’(C)*

What are your choices each day?
To live with time or to drift with time?
To utilize your time in sadness, hurt and pain or to utilize your time in happiness, love and gain?

‘Life is a journey a destination, but it is also a journey of discovery.

You are the traveler as you travel the journey of life.

You make the choices.

You take the chances.

You live the changes’

(C) *’Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’

Say YES to CHOOSING the journey of HEALING…!

Time and healing...!
Time does not heal – it is you yourself that heals!

My inspirational book – ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ is a book which will inspire you to make CHOICES that will be right for your life! The inspirational words. the connecting workbook (with it’s two amazing themes – The Hexagon of Life and the Parable of the Butterfly) plus, the Reader’s Group Questions are all written to assist you to choose to walk hand-in-hand with time and take the journey towards healing…

– Chapter four – ‘Embrace change’ and chapter 14 of the workbook

– Chapter six – ‘Challenging your though patterns’ and chapter 16 of the workbook

– Chapter 10 – ‘Choices, chances and changes’ and chapter 20 of the workbook.

Listen to my amazing interview with Andy J.Salgado.
We are discussing my book covering such topics as – ‘time’, change, healing, and so much more…!

Give Yourself The Gift of Change and Healing

Featuring Ruth Anne Caukwell

*(C) ‘Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey

Photographs by Ruth Anne Caukwell


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