Do You Live With Toxicity – A Lesson Learnt From The Frog and the Scorpion…?

Do you live with toxicity? Is there someone in your life that is toxic? Take a minute or two to think about this question then read below:-

Once upon a time there was a scorpion who when reaching a fast flowing river asked a nearby frog, who was sunning himself on a lily pad, if he would help him to cross.

Of course the frog, who was not dumb, replied quite definitely:

“Ha ha, do you think that I am that stupid of course not! You would just sting me as isn’t that what scorpions do?”

The scorpion looked at the frog with amazement and told him:

 “Me! If I did that you would die and then we would both drown as I cannot swim!”

The scorpion was so very convincing that the frog agreed to carry him across the river on his back.  The scorpion then jumped onto the frogs back and off he swum. It was not long before they were halfway across the river when the scorpion up with his tail and STUNG the frog as the frog felt the scorpions poison flowing swiftly through his body he started to sink and feebly croaked, “Why did you sting me?. You promised that you wouldn’t and now we will both die…”

The scorpion thought for a moment then lamented, “I couldn’t help it… It’s in my nature, it’s just who I am!”


So many times in life we are around people, or a person, who, instead of lifting us up drag us down.  This might be:

intentional – jealousy, hatred, violence, bullying, lies, etc., or unintentional – negativity, thoughtlessness, secretive nature, etc., but regardless of either, the presence of such aspects in your life becomes toxic for your well-being…!

It becomes toxic in the sense that, personal growth is stunted – whether it is your self-esteem, physical or emotional well-being or all of these, this ultimately damages soul, spirit and body in some way.  Sadly, no matter how hard YOU try – whether it is making excuses, covering up, trying discussion, bending over backwards to appease or accepting of the wrong behavior, etc., the other people, or persons, nature is inherent in them, so they will continue to have the power to infect you in some way if you continue to let them.

Their words, actions and behavior will be toxic to your well-being unless they change! But… will they change, will they even be able to meet you half way or will it always be you that ends up sacrificing ‘who you are’ for them?

Yes… some issues within people can change, and often do with such things as soul-searching, counselling, teaching and the like, but there are some things that cannot be taught thus will not change, for example

– you cannot teach someone to care or see from your-point-of-view if they can only see from theirs!  If they do not care they will not lift you up, if they cannot see from your point-of-view, will they even try to?  Think about that! And think about this – sooner or later their attitude, words and behavior will end up pulling you down – polluting your environment, dreams, self-esteem and your very soul!


Attitude can make or break a dream while words can cut you down,

just as much as a physical beating and…

just as behavior will ultimately dictate the kind of trust and love you have!

Toxic attitude
A toxic attitude can make or break a dream while words can cut you down so CHOOSE to walk free !

A toxic person within your life can be like a cancer spreading to all parts of your – the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental and it will not stop if left unchecked! It will, in the end, finally overcome the ‘essential YOU’, unless you have the courage to stop the flow of toxicity and step free!

Have the courage to ask yourself a very hard question:-

“Does this person (these people) belong in my life?”  

If the answer is NO, then ‘step out’ in courage! Move to your own drum, if you do not then you will most probably end up losing the, who you essentially are!

“So make that choice today to take a chance to choose to change your life!

Your journey will consist of many small steps and not one giant one—so step forwards in confidence and with courage towards your future.” (C)


Say Yes to making that CHOICE to let toxicity go from your life!

Be inspired to take a Chance to Choose to Change and listen to my Hay House Radio Interview:-

Hay House Radio Interview


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  • ‘Say Yes to making that CHOICE to let toxicity go from your life!’
    That’s so true! Coz it seems so difficult we cannot give up on many things. Know few who need to check out your post 🙂
    Thanks for sharing dear 😀

    • Hi Sushmita – I am so glad that you found my post worth it! Yes, Yes and YES – toxicity only deadens your soul and eats away at your life… I know as I have been there and so thrilled that your choice is letting it go too. I also know many who would benefit from thinking about letting toxicity go!
      Do take care and keep in touch,

  • Very well written.It could not have spoken better. I saw this post i though just another post about toxic people but damn you nailed it for the first time i am commenting on a post and you made me do that. Thank you.

    • Wow Shantanu – I am thrilled that my words made and impression to you and thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I am very touched that you felt that you could do so…! I write to inspire but I write from my own experiences but from a place of healing so try to write so others can benefit from my words. Thank you so much once again, do visit again!
      kindest regards

  • Good Story. There are 5 elements and 25 emotions come out of it that is imbibed into human beings whether we like or not :)..Fear, Jealousy,happiness etc etc…It’s not possible to get rid of these unless you reach your higher self:)..

    • Hi Ravi – yes what you say it so very true and to reach your higher self (whatever that might mean to us as individuals) we have to not only ‘face’ these emotions (and elements), learn to live with the them 9or their residue) and overcome them! It is a journey of ‘self’!
      Appreciate your great comment!

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