Are You Truly Free or is a ‘Remembrance’ Holding You Back…?

Freedom and remembrances
Are truly free or is a remembrance holding you back? And what on earth is this 'remembrance' you are talking about...?

Are truly free or is a remembrance holding you back? On the surface this question seems such an easy one to answer but when you look more closely at the concepts of that word ‘free’  how much harder is it to answer…? And what on earth is this ‘remembrance’ you are talking about…?

Today my mum and I were talking and this is part of what she said to me and, it really struck home…

“If I could take all the hurts, slights, physical, mental and emotional abuse I have suffered, put them into a bag and throw them into the deepest part of the sea, I wonder how I would feel.  Would I feel I could fly as I was not carrying that burden any more or, would the remembrance of it keep my feet rooted to the ground…?”

Why would this strike home to me you might ask?

Well… if you are courageous enough to face and let your adversities go what did you do with the remembrance of them?

  • Did you let them go as well?


You might have put the ‘act’ into the bag and let it go but are you still holding onto the remembrances within your mind?

  • Do you continue to drag out, dredge up, think and talk about the remembrance?


If you do then sadly, these are the ‘things’ that will still hold you back.  All that has happened is that you have exchanged one burden (the act) for another one (the remembrance) as…

Remembrance is like the shadow of the act as it ties you to the act and if not let go it will always be there – maybe not in the full sunlight but hiding just behind in the shadows ready to emergeemerge and haunt you at any time!

Shadow of remembrances
Are you a Shadow because of the ‘remembrances’ of a… hurt, pain, person, circumstance…!

The burdens of life are hard to bare without you replaying the remembering tapes over-and-over again, so as an example think about forgiveness...!

  • If you have forgiven someone and  have put the ‘act’ away did you put the remembrance away too and…. if not what are you going to do with the… remembrance?

True forgiveness not only lets go of the ‘act’ but everything connected to it including the… remembrance

You must let the remembrance as well as the act go completely, then, and only then, can you be truly free.


Ultimate freedom is far more complex than at first we think it is…..

Say YES to having complete freedom by not only letting the ‘act’ go but the remembrance go as well!


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