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A published author
Being a successful author is more than just publishing a book...!

I am a ‘published author’ and wow what a journey it is to board the ‘train’ to the publishing world! The journey to the day when you hold your published book in your hand can be wrought with many unknowns, hiccups and at times, disappointments but it is also one of exploration, learning and huge growth!

I clearly remember excitingly holding my book – ‘Musings of a Blogger Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’  in my hand, thinking how all my hard work paid off! I now would:-

  • sell 100 000 of books
  • write for a ‘living’
  • hit the New York Best Sellers List
  • be interview by Oprah (ah that is right she has retired), well… by somebody else and
  • have publishers clamoring at my door!
published author
How exciting to be holding my published book…!

Gulp… well I confess I did manage ‘two-out-of-tree which ain’t bad’. I sold (am selling) lots of books (maybe not 100 000 yet) and publishers are knocking at ‘my door’ even if it is for a fee!

Sigh… looking back over this past year what a journey I have been on, one of ups-and-downs and I realize now just how little I knew about the life-after-your-book-is-published.

The concept in my head was to:

  • write my book
  • have it published
  • miraculously gain a huge amount of readers
  • sell just as many books and
  • become a ‘name’ in the writing world.

The actual reality is so very different!

They, whoever ‘they’ are, say “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success.”

Well, after one year things are looking-up but only due to:

much research, reading and learning, doing courses, building up contacts and ‘The Platform’, marketing and tenaciousness mixed with a lot of plain hard slog! I now know and understand the ‘art of writing’ through to the process of publishing and what-happens-after but I am still learning too! Little did I realize that I would be getting of one ‘train’ only to board another to take a new ‘train trip’ towards success.

This is great news for you!


I am going to let you into a ’secret’


Shh… keep ‘mum’ about this!

Ohhh… alright go tell everyone as, all the knowledge and experience I have gained during my journey I will share with you.

So, say YES to taking a journey on the writers ‘train’ and learn alongside me!

Look for these future topics which will cover such aspects as:

  • managing the art of writing
  • Where do I start?
  • What do I write about?
  • The title – how can I choose one?
  • What about the book cover?
  • How long should my book be?
  • Self-publishing versus traditional publishing
  • What about an agent – do I need one?
  • ‘Plagiarism’ – the big No No!
  • This monster called ‘Social Media’!
  • ‘The Platform?

Join me on this continuing journey…!

Look out for my next blog entry:-  ‘The Five Aspects of Managing the Art of Writing…!’



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